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Supporting Scalable, Women-led Startups in Minnesota

WE* is a community of communities focused on supporting scalable, women-led startups in Minnesota.

WE* will showcase the activity happening year-round for women entrepreneurs in Minnesota and highlight key resources available to startups. We have developed unique events throughout the year and are centralizing resources to support women-led startups in Minnesota. We want more women entrepreneurs to develop big ideas, gain access to the incredible resources right here in Minnesota, and ultimately raise capital to grow their businesses.

Community of Communities

We invite the communities from around Minnesota to join us in supporting women in entrepreneurship. Each community and organization working toward better representation of women in the startup community and helping to grow scalable, women-led startups offers its own unique perspective and value. WE* is the intersection of those communities.


You can’t go it alone. WE* is centralizing resources making sure women entrepreneurs have access to to the right people, organizations, and tools to grow their startup, and connecting them to the startup community.


We have developed a year-long program of events offering a space for women entrepreneurs to learn, connect, and promote their work - everything from workshops and conferences to hackathons and pitch events. We have collaborated with others in the community on their events to bring a new perspective and make events more inclusive. Learn more about our upcoming events here...